Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Fungus Among-us!

I love the outdoors and love taking pictures.  We went camping in Pinckney, MI the last weekend in July and found these interesting mushrooms growing on the forest floor.  
I enjoy looking up the actual name of any plants that I take a picture of.  The name and type are usually hard to find by just guessing and looking it up online.  Its like a mini research project and a fun learning experience at the same time.  I definitely do not eat any of these and simply enjoy photographing these mushrooms.  I began searching for more information on this site called Mushroom Appreciation.  The site gives a slightly humorous detail about how to identify mushrooms by observing 8 characteristics:  Gills, Stalk, Spore color, Bruising, Habitat, Time of Year, Cap description, and Smell/Taste.

I also found a Michigan Mushroom Hunters website!  How interesting!!  I will apply names to the images below if I can find out what they are:


Kanelstrand said...

Your mushrooms are so beautiful and different from mine! But wait to see the rest next week :) you will be surprised!

TuckersAlley Blog - Kelly Quinn said...

Oh I can't wait to see what you will post hehe!! ;-)