Friday, September 16, 2011

Bugs in the Garden

I love to take a million pictures and so here are quite a few insect images from the past month.  This moth was on a white brick wall.  Of course I scared it and it flew away but then landed on the cement.  So I had to get another shot then left it alone.   

This is a flowering onion in my mom and grandma's garden.  See the little beetle hiding at the top?


This Cicada was at the end of the rope.  It was barely moving when my nephew's found it and they kept asking me to take its Poor thing.

 Pretty green caterpillar contrasting with the orange rose and then hiding in the red rose:

Interesting tiny green spider climbing on the little pink blossoms:

Wasp in the flowers:


Swallowtail butterfly in the future? 

Stink bugs?  They are eating the dying squash leaves.


Sandy said...

Beautiful pictures! You make bug eaten plants look pretty! I always avoid chewed up plants. Now I'll have to give it a try!

Anonymous said...

Those are some really great photos! I love the fuzzy caterpillar and all of the flowers are gorgeous! :)

Sher said...

What kind of camera do you have? Those are some incredible close-ups! Love all of them but especially the green worm. Those bugs sure do know how to hide don't they? Beautiful pictures.

Love your blog. Thanks for stopping by mine, I'll definitely be back to visit you. I'm your new follower!

Jayne Karol said...

I love the shots of the flower but all the pics of the bugs got me squirming a little, I don't even get bothered by bugs!

Kinda random but I was so intrigued with your little fishy pond on your side bar!

TuckersAlley Blog - Kelly Quinn said...

Thank you for all the nice comments! @Sher I have a Sony Nex-3 and my husband bought it for me last Christmas. I can't wait to get a macro lens one day but the lens I have now is pretty good. ;-)

I have to admit that the stink bugs are creepy looking for I had to post them because they are unusual and probably wouldn't sell as a photograph anywhere (just odd blog skimming fun). hehe!

julie cavender said...

Great pix! Stink bugs, eeewwwwwhhhh!
Thanks for the prize!

Erika Lee @ A Tiny Rocket said...

wow the bugs look huge. love that furry caterpillar.

OnePerfectDay said...

Great pictures!

healthiersteps said...

Great job, showing beautiful creatures which we sometimes ignore. Thanks for sharing!

Kristal@QuirkyEssentials said...

These are great! I'm going to have to show my son. He'll love them!