Friday, September 16, 2011

Bugs in the Garden

I love to take a million pictures and so here are quite a few insect images from the past month.  This moth was on a white brick wall.  Of course I scared it and it flew away but then landed on the cement.  So I had to get another shot then left it alone.   

This is a flowering onion in my mom and grandma's garden.  See the little beetle hiding at the top?


This Cicada was at the end of the rope.  It was barely moving when my nephew's found it and they kept asking me to take its Poor thing.

 Pretty green caterpillar contrasting with the orange rose and then hiding in the red rose:

Interesting tiny green spider climbing on the little pink blossoms:

Wasp in the flowers:


Swallowtail butterfly in the future? 

Stink bugs?  They are eating the dying squash leaves.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Contest Alarm!!! Ding Ding Ding!!! haha

Check out this blog contest by Nicole's Homemade Treats!

I have to say that she makes the best chocolate treats!  I ordered chocolate covered cherries that were out of this world!  My father-in-law also thought they were outstanding.

Check out her Etsy shop here: 

I also loved this amazing white chocolate bark that is filled with walnuts and dried cranberries.  All of her products are lovingly made all natural and preservative free!  So go ahead and enjoy!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

9/15 is Time for Spring Planting! (in Michigan zones 5-6)

As of 9/15/11 it will be the start of fall planting for spring flowers!  I just purchased some very beautiful flowers from Direct Gardening and cannot wait to plant them!  Also this was my first time ordering and I was unaware that you receive free gifts with your purchase!  I spent only $50 and will receive all of the below items and the free items included were 10 Dutch Iris bulbs, 3 Bouquet Tulip, 3 Windflower, and 6 Grape Hyacynth!  That is a great incentive to go back and buy more in my opinion!

 These Purple Lilies grow up to 6 feet tall and are named "Purple Prince":  I can't wait to photograph these!  Photos are courtesy of the Direct Gardening website:

 This is a beautiful purple bearded iris named "Aristocracy".  They bloom in the springtime and have the dreamy and magical look to them. 

This Iris is named "Copatonic" and has the beautiful brownish red-ish orange colors all throughout.  I've suddenly become so interested in these unique looking Iris's!


I ordered a few of this beautiful blue beauty named "Blutique" and I know for a fact that my grandmother and Mother will absolutely love this one.  The blue and white are so unique and it almost looks like it was painted.

I just discovered the names of these interesting tulips:  They are called "Tulip Quartet, Parrot" and they include five amazing bulbs of each color.  I never had blue tulips before so I am SUPER excited to plant these.  Oh hurry up with the mail already!! hehe!   I looked up the White Parrot style online and found that many brides use them in their wedding bouquets.  Love these!!  Now if only there was a website to design your flowerbeds with actual pictures of flowers.... that would be great. 

What are your favorite springtime flowers? 

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Fungus Among-us!

I love the outdoors and love taking pictures.  We went camping in Pinckney, MI the last weekend in July and found these interesting mushrooms growing on the forest floor.  
I enjoy looking up the actual name of any plants that I take a picture of.  The name and type are usually hard to find by just guessing and looking it up online.  Its like a mini research project and a fun learning experience at the same time.  I definitely do not eat any of these and simply enjoy photographing these mushrooms.  I began searching for more information on this site called Mushroom Appreciation.  The site gives a slightly humorous detail about how to identify mushrooms by observing 8 characteristics:  Gills, Stalk, Spore color, Bruising, Habitat, Time of Year, Cap description, and Smell/Taste.

I also found a Michigan Mushroom Hunters website!  How interesting!!  I will apply names to the images below if I can find out what they are: