Tuesday, September 13, 2011

9/15 is Time for Spring Planting! (in Michigan zones 5-6)

As of 9/15/11 it will be the start of fall planting for spring flowers!  I just purchased some very beautiful flowers from Direct Gardening and cannot wait to plant them!  Also this was my first time ordering and I was unaware that you receive free gifts with your purchase!  I spent only $50 and will receive all of the below items and the free items included were 10 Dutch Iris bulbs, 3 Bouquet Tulip, 3 Windflower, and 6 Grape Hyacynth!  That is a great incentive to go back and buy more in my opinion!

 These Purple Lilies grow up to 6 feet tall and are named "Purple Prince":  I can't wait to photograph these!  Photos are courtesy of the Direct Gardening website:

 This is a beautiful purple bearded iris named "Aristocracy".  They bloom in the springtime and have the dreamy and magical look to them. 

This Iris is named "Copatonic" and has the beautiful brownish red-ish orange colors all throughout.  I've suddenly become so interested in these unique looking Iris's!


I ordered a few of this beautiful blue beauty named "Blutique" and I know for a fact that my grandmother and Mother will absolutely love this one.  The blue and white are so unique and it almost looks like it was painted.

I just discovered the names of these interesting tulips:  They are called "Tulip Quartet, Parrot" and they include five amazing bulbs of each color.  I never had blue tulips before so I am SUPER excited to plant these.  Oh hurry up with the mail already!! hehe!   I looked up the White Parrot style online and found that many brides use them in their wedding bouquets.  Love these!!  Now if only there was a website to design your flowerbeds with actual pictures of flowers.... that would be great. 

What are your favorite springtime flowers? 


Kelly Quinn said...

Comment before 9/20/11 to be entered into a drawing for any single 8x10 photograph in my Etsy shop! Check out the photographs here: www.tuckersalley.etsy.com or by clicking on any of the Etsy Mini images on the right side of this blog.

Amber said...

Those are SO gorgeous. I love the colors...the yellow and red are my favorite. Very cool post.

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Looks like you've got it okay so far. Keep it up. Let me know if you need any help with anything! xox

julie cavender said...

I also plant and divide in the fall. I'm in Georgia and we wait till the hot weather is over to start planting again. I have one of those "tree lilies". Can't wait to see how big it will get.

Check out the Etsy Blog Team! Lots of good advice, followers, nice blogs to visit.


TuckersAlley Blog - Kelly Quinn said...

So I went to RANDOM.ORG to draw the entry number. And the winner is #2 (second entry)so I will contact Julie (Congrats!!) so she can choose her photograph! Thank you for entering the contest! ;-)