Saturday, August 2, 2014

2014 Trip to Mackinac Island

We had a fun Trip to Mackinac Island a few weeks ago.  Here are some random pics of the trip.  I love flowers and pathways.

The library was very clean and colorful!

A beautiful entry.

Love the colorful flowers along the boardwalk.  

The Mackinac Island Arch (with a marriage proposal to some lucky girl written in stones in the water!)

A valley of small daisy-like flowers in the grass.

Mackinac Bridge in the distance.

These rock cairns are all around the island.  Rock Cairns

Beautiful horses

Scenic views of the downtown area.  No cars on the island of course.... only bicycles and horses.

Someone has returnables...haha

Rows of bicycles.

The sun is going down after a long day on the island.

Beautiful orange, yellow, blue colors in this sunset.

Mackinac Bridge sunset

Wind power

Mackinac Bridge at dusk

We were on the island for about 8 hours and wish to spend more time there next year.  We took home about 6 bars of fudge.  Yummm!!! We will return and probably enjoy the shopping and horseback riding next time.  I hope you enjoyed looking at all of these pictures!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Ice Storm

I hope everyone is enjoying the "polar vortex"! If you didn't get out during the recent ice storm here in Michigan, then take a look at these!

Right behind our house is a closed Momtessori (bench pic):

These were taken about one mile away where there is a forest of teasel plants:

The ice makes everything look magical!

I love close ups:


Tree with red berries:

Fall mums that are still fading through the winter:

A pretty colorful leaf still hangs on: