Monday, January 23, 2012

November belated honeymoon to Spain!

So this post is long overdue but anyway here it is!  My husband and I went on our belated honeymoon vacation to Spain 11/13 to 11/23 and were home just in time for Thanksgiving.  The weather was warmer than I thought at 64 degrees and a little rainy but it really was worth it.  Just a light jacket was needed and an umbrella of course.  Walking around you got warm anyway so if the temps were higher it probably would have been uncomfortable.  So plan to go to Spain in November because the weather is perfect for walking and sightseeing.   We took the Hop-On Hop-Off double decker bus tour around Barcelona and loved it.  Then we scheduled three separate day tours that were amazing!  The first tour was Pyrenees Mountain Trail & Medieval Vic, the second tour was to visit Tarragona & Glamorous Sitges, and the third was to visit Ultimate Dali Route (Salvatore Dali).  It was amazing! 

 Here is a beautiful winding street in Tarragona:


An interesting night club (no we didn't go inside since we were on a day tour!).

A view out of Salvatore Dali's home which was also next to a fisherman's cove.  

An extravagant museum filled with the history of ceramics:

 An interesting diagonal row of chairs:


 Across the street from Dali's home was a stone wall house:


Beautiful Beaches:

 Romantic sunsets:

We also traveled to Malaga and Granada, Spain but those pictures will be posted later!  If anyone decides to travel to Spain feel free to contact me with any questions about our trip and I will be glad to suggest places to go!  Hope everyone had an amazing holiday season.  Remember all of these images are available at my Etsy shop as of today.  More to come and thanks for stopping by.


Sher said...

Beautiful pictures! Ths dounds like a dream trip.

healthiersteps said...

That's awesome, would love to visit now!
Michelle @Healthiersteps